The last two posts we have looked at the Colca Cañon and Cabanaconde; this week we have a brief look at Chivay, the main city (town really).

The first sight of Chivay as you descend from the five hour journey from Arequipa

Rumillacta (Stone Village in Qechua), the best lodgings in the area

Plaza de Armas, the main square

Kids in the plaza during the Women's festival, even the men and boys dress as women and girls during this festival

In the centre of the photo is a boy, he has the face mask on. The Festival de Mujeres dates back to the times of the conquistadores, when a Spanish soldier fell in love with an Incan princess; he dressed all his men as women so he could attend the royal ball.

One of the side streets near the centre of town

Kids playing on top of the cathedral during the festival. Boys will be boys wherever in the world

Just a quick look at Chivay with some of the old photos I have.

After our return from the canyon, we stayed the night in Rumillacta and had a local group of musicians with pan pipes and dancers entertain usa long with dinner. In the morning we returned to Arequipa. This clipe found on YouTube from 2005, looks pretty much like the same group (I was in the area 1997/98).

Next week, something different.