Lixo P. Cat

Rubbish… I mean Lixo.

I have finally managed to get a photo of Lixo.

It’s not a very good photo.

The camera is having an identity crisis, it doesn’t really want to be a camera anymore. But I can with some pressure and wriggling of buttons get it to perform its original function.

Anyway, there he sits in all his magnificence, guarding his realm and ready to trip me up at any given moment.

Now don’t ask me why the caption Lixo P. Cat is crossed out. I have just noticed it. I tried to correct it and it managed to displace the caption. Something I haven’t managed to figure out why with WordPress yet. So I did a crtl+z and it stays. LOL, in the final post, the strike through disappeared.

I have just a few moments to post, I have the last lesson of the week in about an hour, and I need half that time to get there. I still have to shower and get desmellified before I go.

This week, as I have explained elsewhere, has been terrible, lessons, split days, lessons cancelled, etc. As my mother would have said, “I don’t know whether I am Arthur or Martha.” Actually, after sixty years, I have that pretty much sorted, but it semed appropirate to describe the week.

I am panicking to get this done, because it has been a few days since my last post.

I was in town yesterday. I am so frail, I weakened. I saw the sign Brazeiro, my favourite restaurant and I could resist a small detour for a leisurely BBQ lunch. I was alarmed to discover that they have raised the price of beer. It used to be R$6.50 for a 450ml tankard, now it is R$6.90. They sneak these changes in from time to time to catch the unwary. So, instead of my usual 3 tankards, I only had 2. I used to have 5 or 6, but as they have increased the price, I have gradually reduced my consumption, they lose. The same beer at the botequim is R$3.70 for a 600ml bottle, so I drink less with my meal and have more when I get home at a more reasonable price.

That’s it, got to go.