Today was supposed to be cooler than yesterday’s 40ºC…

Guess what?

Wrong again!

…45ºC (111ºF)

That’s too hot to think.

At 11am I could only think of an air conditioned environment, BBQ lunch and ice cold beer. So I called a taxi (too hot to walk ten minutes to the bus).

When I left the restaurant at 1pm, I felt like an icecream in the desert as I walked across the road to get a Kombi home sweat dripping from the brim of my hat; I couldn’t afford a taxi both ways.

Once home, I had a cold shower in the yard from the garden hose and lay on my bed sopping wet under the fan to study the principles of refrigeration as the fan chilled my dampened hide

It was my intention today to work & blog on my return.

It is now nearly 4pm and the house is stifling. The sky has clouded over and there is no sun, but inside even with all the windows open it is like an oven. We’ll get a tropical storm within the next hour or so, I am picking. One hour of torrential rain, then nothing, but it will be darkish by then and slowly the temperature in the house will become bearable.

The chances of me writing a post are remote. To write a post I need coffee, it’s too hot for coffee.