Monday wasn’t too bad, this week it’s Tuesday that’s getting to me.

Nothing had irked me sufficient to post on my Monday Moaning on Eco-Crap, so I didn’t.

Very little has actually been happening.

They’ve found a large prehistoric snake, man started using fire 300,000 years earlier than previously thought.

Mitt Romney is still an idiot. Actually, he doesn’t have the credentials to qualify for idiocy. The Royal Canadian Bank has been caught selling its bad debt back to itself to make it look good. al-Bastard in Syria has given himself another 10 days in which he can freely slaughter civilians. There has been another shooting in another American college, makes you wonder whether there’s a major on this. Obama is still trying to convince the Mexicans not to decriminalise drugs. Burma did well in the elections, but it is still ruled by the military.

And the most important news in the US media is that a 93 year old grandmother has given up driving according to mainstream media sources.

Well, isn’t that just all ducky?   <——— Rhetorical question.

The coffee has kicked in.

One lesson tonight at 5:30, yesterdays were cancelled, tomorrows are cancelled and I’m not sure yet about Thursday, he’ll let me know. Then it’s Good Friday.

There’s an oxymoron, they call it Good Friday… wasn’t that the day Jesus was crucified? Can’t see anything good about getting piercings with six inch nails and thorns.

Like I said, very little has been happening.

BTW the T-shirt was sent to me by Small Footprints, she recognises my affection for the brown liquid.

I found some fancy flowers at work. I had no idea what they were and appealed as such on Eco-Crap. Small Footprints (as above) came to the rescue and made an old man very happy.

Damn caption adding thingy not functioning, so… They are cannonball tree flowers.