A banana is a banana, but a 'shopping' is a mall

I have lived in Brazil for 20 years, on and off. One of the delights of the country is Brazilian Portuguese. I have always had an affinity for languages and it didn’t take me long (about four months) to reach the stage where I could have a reasonable conversation on most subjects. Which means in Brazil you can talk ‘football’, complain about corruption, and enjoy a beer.

I have seen many posts about the language, but none as good as the one I found on a Twitter link this morning:

Do you play Sinuka? or Pingie-Pongie? – Brazilians say the funniest things

It’s worth a look. Certainly, from my point of view, I found it ‘muito engraçado’ (very funny).

One thing for sure, Portuguese as spoken in Portugal compared with Portuguese as spoken in Brazil is about the same as comparing British and American English.

There are also many pitfalls; the latest gaff…

Fifa’s Jerome Valcke saying that “Brazil needs a kick in the arse.” Now, you translate the words directly okay, but “Brasíl precisa uma chute na bunda” doesn’t mean, as in English ‘to hurry up’, it is far more sinister. Which is why the Brazilians have taken such umbrage over a remark that seems harmless in English.

Maybe I’ll be back later, my classes for the day are canceled…