Yes, they exist.

Most people call them stewed, fried or grilled tomatoes, but while everything on your plate cools to a point where it is edible; tomatoes don’t.

Stewed tomatoes hold their heat and can catch the unwary; scolding their mouth stupid.

I only discovered the ‘thermonuclear’ nomenclature today as I was preparing a post on the Full English Breakfast on Things that Fizz & Stuff.

It gave me a pregnancy-like hankering for the absurd. I ended up having an English breakfast with what I had available in the fridge, which amounted to two perfectly fried eggs, rashers from a scrag-end of bacon and thermonuclear tomatoes on toast. It was a late breakfast, brunch would a better name.

I have had a busy morning, being Wednesday, I usually immerse myself in Change the World Wednesday challenges, today was no different. I also included  the aforementioned tomatoes there.

I won a prize today. The first prize that I have ever won via the internet, considering I have been on the net since 1995, that’s a milestone.

Unwittingly, I joined in a post on Reduce Footprints, not to win anything, I just always participate in the events on that blog. And, today I won a copy of the book being promoted.

Born of Blood

by SB Knight.

Made the day perfect for me. The author even went to the trouble of sending me a pdf file because my version on Linux doesn’t appear ti have an eReader.

I’m already on page 22, and can assure you the book looks good. You can check it out on the author’s link above.

Now is the time I must away. Away to keep the wolf from the door and to stop my belly walls from caving inward. Yes, that curse… work.

Incidentally, it also provides other forms of hop-assisted sustenance…. beer.