Yes, that’s the order of the day.

Today is Denise’s birthday BBQ at the botequim (local bar) which is all off 11 metres from my gate. I have no idea how old she is, and I am far too much of a gentleman to ask; there are few enough of us left.

Saturday… apart from the BBQ I have planned to do nothing today. I fully suspect to be successful. Success = happiness.

Last night one of my novelas (soap operas) finished. Aquele Beijo (That Kiss). It is being replaced with a horrendous gaudy social mess, one that I will not be watching. In fact between the regional news and the main news the TV will be off, saving power. I tend to do that, especially during the obligatory political bullshit that is on most nights on every channel; I save 10 minutes of power.

Stupid Freakin' Robots on BBB

I forgot to mention that Big Brother Brazil has finished.

So that is one more lot of TV tripe that I have to avoid.

Honestly, these (un)reality shows are so bloody stupid, I am amazed that people watch them. Anybody with half a brain can see that they are beyond stupid… which makes me wonder if the people who watch them even have half a brain.

Brazil took a major step into the 21st century this week. The Supreme Justice Tribunal approved the regulation that women who are diagnosed as pregnant with an ancephalitic baby can opt for an abortion. Brazil is a very catholic country and as such believes the church can control people’s lives through the law. So this is a major breakthrough for Brazilian women.

Hops make wonderful juice

The music has started…

I do believe it is beer o’clock, again. I had my breakfast ham sandwiches with juice (hops juice) at the botequim this morning.

Sometimes my youth shines through my dotage; although I am past the days where I put beer on my cornflakes.

Have a nice day folks, I will.