And so far nothing has gone wrong.

But then I haven’t even been out the door yet.

Coffee was great, marmalade on toast, Lixo (my cat) has ironed my shorts three times… Yes, he’s ever so clever. Last night in the case of comfort while watching TV I kicked my shorts off and flicked them unsuccessfully on to the next sofa. They fell on the floor and I left them there. Lixo has decided that they’re the purrfect place to sleep.

First class, 3pm. Gentleman’s hours. Home by 7:30pm.

Now that my novela (soap opera) has finished, there’s only the news to watch.

I recovered wonderfully from the BBQ birthday on Saturday. I continued with my planned “nothing” on Sunday because I hadn’t finished doing it.

In fact the most strenuous thing I did on Sunday was walk to the shop for my ciggies. Return trip, 50 metres.

I am now about to follow the excellent example set by my feline friend and have a nap. Oh, he does set a good example.