To measure success

Today is all but gone. I have managed to write one significant post on Eco-Crap. Hardly what I’d call a measure of success. The post itself may or may not be successful; it’s too early to tell. But one blog post in a whole day means I am not up to my usual par.

Now, not only cannot I manage success, I cannot load an image into the post. This is not being successful.

I am more than a little miffed, the rotating candy bar on the Upload/Insert, isn’t rotating. That little flash screen has but one purpose in life, and that is to rotate while you are waiting for the upload page. If it doesn’t rotate, there is no purpose.

There, success takes on a whole knew meaning. Image installed….

I had hoped to write a second meaningful post today, but the aforementioned problem has determined that I will not be successful.

Time has been eroded to the point where I need to take my shower and get desmellificated in an attempt to mimic the pose of a teacher of the noble Queen’s English.

It has been deemed by powers greater than my humble self, that I shall not succeed in this endeavour.

An aside…

I had a wonderful lunch. I had some Alaskan pollack in the freezer. I decided to poach it in a homemade tomato sauce with capers. A simple recipe, that was devoid of any chance of failure. Three fillets of pollack into the oven dish, one jar of tomato extract, one large chopped tomato, three teaspoons of capers and lashings of olive oil, peppered and salted and into the oven. 25 minutes later, edible.

Now that I call a success.