Yup, Brazilians sure like their long weekends.

This one for the benefit of St George on Monday.

That’s two this month.

But it gives me a chance to do important things like evict the polar bears from my ancient fridge. It’s defrosting automatically at the moment. Not that I have an auto-defrosting fridge. I simply turn it off and open the door and it automatically defrosts… Technology, isn’t it just wonderful?

I am procrastinating. Should I, or should I not go to the supermarket. If I don’t there isn’t a thing to eat in the house. Well, I have some crackers and milk, but it’s hardly what you would call nutritious. I must have a look at my bank statement to see if I have the funds to go shopping. This month I am a bit skint. I am watching my pennies… as they flow out the door. Payday is still two weeks away, Monday. Man cannot live by bread alone, I don’t even have that until I go shopping.

I have toyed with the idea of a nap, but shelved that idea for the moment. Raimundo at the botequim is using a power saw on hardwood making some project and the noise is terrible. I don’t know what he’s making, but in due course I’ll wander along as the project becomes more apparent.

There’s not a lot going on to write about really, I’m here because I have been feeling guilty of neglect.

Boys will be boys

I did read a report during the week about how the professionals are concerned at the ease of access to pornography; stating that some 70% of primary school children have seen pornographic material on the internet. I’d say that was an improvement; when I was at primary school it was a 100% who had seen Playboy. Boys will be boys. They have an innate curiosity… mostly about sex and it doesn’t improve as they get older.

The internet just means that you can do it in the safety of your own home, rather than behind the bike sheds like we did.

Of course for us it was more difficult to hide bulky magazines from the prying eyes of parents than simply clearing your history.

It appears the power saw has finished, I am seriously considering that nap.