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Sunday Travel Tales

Uyuni, Bolivia

Train Cemetery

In the past Uyuni in the south west of Bolivia was a major hub for rail transport. Today, much of the past lies in ruins, exposed to the elements, rusting, but remain a reminder of a more glorious past.

Tourists passing through the Salar de Uyuni (Uyuni Salt Lake) normally visit this graveyard.






Miles of ghost trains


The legacy, axle deep in the drifting sands


Asi es la vida = This is the life


NB: These photos aren’t mine. Had many, but like all my momentos… gone to the ravages of time. If you are the owner of any please contact me for recognition.



But then I am old.

I love old things, the old ways, the old everything. Well, almost everything, I still like newer girls in bikinis, but their attitudes today are crap.

Look at the eggbeater in this kitchen drawer…

My mother had one of those for thirty years or more, it worked and worked and never broke, although I must admit I don’t know of its final resting place; but thirty years.

You buy one of these new fangled plastic pieces of shit today; you’ll never get thirty years out it. You’d be lucky in some cases to get thirty minutes. Old things are good things.

Last night, I did something I haven’t done in a long time. I stewed some fruit. Last week at the supermarket, I saw some plums, they were just sitting there, beckoning to me. They ere the dark type, cool to the touch as I bagged them. I got a half dozen, they weren’t cheap, but I have resolved that I must eat more fruit.

The other night I turned two into juice in the blender.

But last night, I cut the remaining four into quarters and filled a saucepan with water so that it covered half the fruit, a couple of dessert-spoons of sugar and boiled them.

I had them with fresh thick white liquid, you know that stuff in the box, it’s supposed to be cream, but it’s not like the ‘old cream’ we used to get. See old is good. I sat on the sofa and had one plate and I just couldn’t resist getting the second, it was supposed to be for tonight. So yummy, temptation truly is the devil.

But my point is that many people today don’t do these little things that make life. They buy canned fruit at the supermarket, totally unnecessary and wasteful… and expensive. I had a litre of juice and dessert for two and the plums cost me R$3 (about USD1.80) whereas if I had bought a can of plums, I would have paid R$5 just for enough plums for the dessert. People don’t know how to economise today.

One of my stepkids said to me the other weekend. “I love coming to visit you because you do stuff.” I replied that I ‘do stuff’ because I was taught to ‘do stuff’, parents today don’t teach their kids to ‘do stuff’ anymore.

Yes… old is good.


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