Tuesday this week is the ‘Monday’ of the week because we had a holiday yesterday for St George. Brazilians just love their holidays, so I get sucked up with the flow.

Long weekends are good, but they are so tiring. Saturday, I chose to do nothing. I never get to finish doing it in one day, so I always finish what I started on Sunday. Doing nothing can be quite exhausting, especially if you do it three days in a row.


Upon waking this morning at 6am, I discovered that I had been ‘tagged’ by a recent bloggy friend.

You can find the culprit ah, tagger behind this link; ExpertofNone I must say that I love her choice of template and have it on my ‘test blog’, but it is marred by the fact that you (at least I) can’t see the post tags, pity.

Having participated in many of these ‘taggy’ things in the past, I found this one quite different.

I note that there is a serious flaw in this tag, there’s a rule missing, I’ve added it to 2…


Tag – you’re it!’ – The rules:

1.You must post these rules. [done]
2.Answer the question the “tagger” listed for you in their post. Post the link of the culprit (you don’t get away that easy).[done]
3.And create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer. [done… nearly]
4.Choose 11 people to tag and link to them in the post. [done… almost]
5.Let each blogger know that you have tagged them. [to do]

The question I was requested to answer is: Who is your favorite author of all time?

Now that I have my second coffee, I can do stupid things faster.


My favourite author. Now that’s difficult, for there are many who would fall into that category. I would firstly have to mention W.E Johns; he wrote ‘Biggles’ books. Biggles was sort of like a human Snoopy WWI flying ace; and was my introduction to reading at age nine; I exhausted the school library content and began to buy and collect the books. Without a doubt, it was my introduction to a lifetime of books and reading. Next I would have to mention Eric von Daniken of Chariots of the Gods fame because he opened my mind to thinking for myself at age twelve and not following the flock like a sheep. Bram Stoker must be mentioned, because it was his book Dracula that opened the road to research as I followed the route from Romania to England, pinpointing where I believed the Castle Dracula to be,  and learned about things like lycanthropy; thirteen year olds don’t usually learn such things. It was at this age that I subscribed to Science Journal, a monthly magazine for scientists. I used to pick it up from the bookshop along with my Donald Duck and war comics each month (see, I was a little normal). I wasn’t at all interested in school, school was a place to eat lunch and learn boring stuff, I was well on the way to self education. My disinterest in school was evident that I became a ‘high school dropout’ as Americans would put it; but I was the only kid in our class that could answer the question “What does L.A.S.E.R. mean?” when asked by the science teacher in first year general science. Arthur C. Clark, Robert Heinlein are significant among a host of science fiction writers, because they showed me the future; as did George Orwell in Animal Farm and 1984, the latter we are watching live in the USA today. Et al.

I cannot pin down a favourite author, I can only say those who were most influential in my upbringing and responsible for casting the mould that I am today.

That was the easy bit. Now… for those I have tagged and therefore, “dragged” into making serious confessions:

:: 1 – Reduce Footprints: If you could go back in time, what would you change to make a difference to a ‘greener’ world today?

:: 2 – Rowing Through Life: As a traveled person, where would you live outside New York and still feel fulfilled?

:: 3 – Tinkerbelle: Why is living just outside London which is a blessing and a curse?

:: 4 – It’s Not Easy to be Green: Explain this statement of yours; I want to save it [the world] from humans.

:: 5 – Sarcastic Cooking: Why did you stop being a vegetarian?

Told you I couldn’t count to 11… besides, I ran out of coffee!

Now…don’t shoot the messenger…remember, I was tagged too!!!

I seriously need more coffee!