The perfect cup for a bloggers coffee

But I will make the effort, even if it to tell you that I haven’t decided yet.

Of course it’s Monday.

But it’s not a Mondaily Monday. You see tomorrow is another holiday. 1 May, Labour Day. So, of course, Brazilians don’t work on the weekday between the weekend and the public holiday.

So this is a day-off Monday, but things can still go haywire.

For a start its raining, has been on and off all night. But then rain doesn’t necessarily have an adverse effect on blogging, apart from the fact that the room is a little darker than normal.

I have found the perfect cup for bloggers’ coffee. This cup would save so many hurried trips to the kitchen.

Yesterday, I went over to the ex’s, she had a set of old kitchen cupboards that she was going to chuck out. So my neighbour, Lincoln, along with his pickup collected it and managed to get home before the rain started. They are not in the best of condition, but are cleaned and installed. Beggars can’t be choosers. The result is, I now have plenty of shelf space in the kitchen, which is something I lacked.

The rain persists, in fact for an hour now it has been persisting down. I had to use a plunger to free the drain in the backyard before it got to the stage where I would need a canoe just to get to the bar. The things one does for a beer.

I am now in a quandry, do I have a nap or make lunch…

The nap wins.