Arequipa, Southern Peru

The White City

Plaza de Armas

Called the white city because many of the buildings are built with silla (white volcanic stone).

El Misti, the most famous of the three volcanoes that tower over Arequipa


Santa Catalina Convent, a city within a city


Home of Juanita, the Ice Maiden

Found in 1995 on the slopes of the Ampato Volcano after the ice melted from the heat of an eruption on Sabancayo, the next  door mountain, exposed her resting place.


Casa de mi abuela (My Grandmother’s house)

We used to stay here on our tours. It’s an example of old world charm. Breakfast in the garden, it is a real rabbit warren of hallways to the rooms.

Bullfighting in Arequipa

Here the bullfighting is not against man, but between the animals. The practice is diminishing.

Arequipa is the gateway to the Colca Canyon, the deepest canyon in the world. There are three earlier posts about this, here, here and here