A pile of bullshit

Yes, I have been absent because of a pile of bullshit.

Oh, you don’t believe me…

There it is, over there —–>

The other day I got a bee in my bonnet, I began a new blog:

Bullshit Corner

You can find it here.

The url is similar to this blog, because I was lazy and built it on top of my old test blog that I used for testing out ideas before applying them to my other blogs.

I haven’t really decided what I am going to post there, but I have started with a few frivolous bits and pieces.

I guess I am trying to show that we live in world where bullshit reigns.

This is a wet week. It has been raining basically since Sunday, it’s raining now. It will rain on and off tomorrow. The temperatures are falling, overnight lows of 12ºC have been promised for the weekend. Now that might not be cold for some parts of the world, but it is low enough to make the Carioca (people from Rio de Janeiro) gonads twinge.

Last night I slept with a blanket, in tracksuit pants and two T-shirts. That’s almost unheard of.

No Brie cheese this week, I have discovered I’m broke again. But I did buy some rump steak, thumped it round a bit t make it thinner and turned it into schnitzel. I love schnitzel.

I have tomorrow off… so I’ll probably post again.

There’s not really a lot going on at the moment.

If you want a giggle check out the newblog.