Up @ 3:30am, down again…

Up @ 6:00am, down again @ 7:00

Up again @ 8:30, down again @11:00

11:05 The bloody phone rang!

Bang goes my day off, substitute class this afternoon.

Ah, life’s little ups and downs.

So, I finally figured it was stay up time and needed more coffee…

Then, I read this post title on a new blog visited:  Sometimes When I Sit Down Too Fast I Get a Whiff of My Crotch

I spluttered coffee all over my keyboard and screen.

Clean up keyboard, trip over cat lying languidly in the middle of the floor.


Need more coffee.

This is Thursday, not a Monday. There is no reasonable excuse, no rhyme nor  reason why these things should happen on a Thursday. Somebody has goofed up terribly.

My day has been thrown completely out of kilter, oh I have blogged and washed the dishes, but those things happen everyday; well, maybe not the dishes. I feel as though I have done nothing.

And now I have to go to work. I’ll miss my novela (soap opera) because I’ll get home in time to see the final credits. But I will see the local news programme, then there’s another soap opera which is crap, talk about dragging ideas from the scrap heap. Pity, because it replaced a good one too. To watch this one you have to be cans short of a six pack.

It’s time to go! There, I have less than an hour to get desmellified and adopt the role of a teacher, or a t least a reasonable facsimile of one.