I was too busy blogging and not paying enough attention to the small, but ferocious, feline that shares my abode, hence the title.

…and saw this

After the initial shock of having talons pierce my garments, outer and inner; there followed a howl of pain mixed with threats about the said feline’s immediate future and a short spell of pure agony, then  I looked down…

Why do cats do that?

Friday today… *TGIF moment* Class first thing, student sent me home in a taxi.

Mentally preparing myself for the weekend. Kids are due over tomorrow. Peace and quiet just flew out the window.

Emmylee wants my lap and chatters when I’m at the PC between Ellen playing her games and Erick listening to his music, so the chances of some serious blogging are about ‘zero.’

It’s 4pm. I have just realised I am hungry. Is it too late for lunch?

Later. I’m off to the kitchen.