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The Pussy is Warm

I am busy, Lixo just came in from the sun and meowed at me. I bent down to rub him, he was so warm.

The sun is out today, it looks pleasant outside. I should be out there instead of suffering from Nature Deficit Disorder in a house that has retain the chill of the last few days.

My first e-mail today was from my student, he’s not well. No class. So the day will be quiet, I only had the one class, blogging away happily.

Saw this image over the weekend. How appropriate for a teacher of English. I know my shit…

The kids didn’t arrive as planned. Apparently there was a local festival/party that shunted Dad/StepDad into the background. Makes one feel wanted.

No problem, I was broke anyway. Next weekend will be a little more viable, I’ll be able to afford pizza at a real restaurant.

That’s it for now, got a blog post in mind… must go and do it before I forget.

My mind is like lightning, one flash, and it’s gone!

Five Reasons To Visit Peru That Aren’t Machu Picchu

Huacachina Oasis near Ica

I am cheating this week, tempus fugit…

Peru has its fair share of awe-inspiring sights, but most visitors skip right over them and head for the grand finale, Machu Picchu. And though the ancient city is certainly worthy of your time, there is much more to this vast country than a litter-ridden Inca Trail. Dine with the Peruvian elite, walk a manmade island, or raft a canyon that requires a mule to get to; but whatever you do, don’t beeline for the Andes then skip town.

Here are five really good reasons to go to Peru that don’t include Machu Picchu.

Visit for the rest

I have visited each of these locations, although Máncora was just a lunch stop when I was returning to Lima from a spell living in Zorritos.

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