My mind is blank.

So blank that I left a Post-it note to remind me.

Today, it was work at 7am. Home at 10:30am (work done for the day)

Turn on PC, read e-mails, put all in the ‘pending tray’, check stats.

Indispensable nap.

Woke at 12:00.

It is now 2pm, I am coffeeless, bleary eyed and disorientated. I have a vague recollection that it’s Wednesday and that something always happens on Wednesdays…

Need coffee!


Rectified coffeelessness…

I have a problem…. I can’t lick my wenis! Want to see why? Check here.

Yes, I know this may come as a shock to you all, I mean, it is most inconsiderate that I post two days in a row. It’s just not fair.

Meat sliced straight from the skewer to the plate

Just thought I would dash off a quick note before I go out for dinner. BBQ! All I can eat. Before I begin my regime (diet) tomorrow.

Who else does that? Go out and abuse themselves before going on a diet. I am not actually going to diet, but as a part of my efforts to comply with #CTWW this week I am making some modifications.

Such debauchery!