Yes, there is… an inextricable link between the cigarette and the written word.

Yesterday, without making plans, nor indeed, with the intention… I gave up smoking.

Just stopped from 40+ daily to zero.

The stamp to the right has nothing to do with the post, although the subject matter is akin. I just like it, my boyhood stamp collecting fervor has never really left.

I am in front of my PC for most part of each day, as most of you know, I have eight blogs to maintain. That is a lot each day, I don’t always succeed, but the spirit is there. I smoke when I am at the PC, I smoke when I have a beer and I normally light a smoke when I have shut the gate and on my way to wherever.

But smoking when I am writing, smoking aids the thought process. I may not actually ‘smoke’ the cigarette, or the whole thing. It may just sit in the ashtray and smoulder itself away, but the cigarette must be there.

The Brazilian government have just added a new tax on cigarettes too. My pack has jumped from R$3,40 to R$4.25, that’s a major hike. On TV the other night they were complaining about the R$2bn spent on smoking related healthcare each year; but they made no mention of the billions they save in social security and pensions when a smoker dies earlier than the actuary estimated.

I have the pack in front of me still, where it always is. In the last 26 hours I have succumbed to the temptation four times. I have had four cigarettes, when I would normally have put paid to more than two packs, so while it’s not exactly ‘zero’ it is a significant reduction.

Mexico 2 – Brazil 0

I haven’t smoked on the street today, nor at the bar, just here at the PC. Nobody has even noticed.

Of course my lack of cigarette smoke is directly linked to the fact that Brazil have just lost a ‘friendly’ to Mexico, 0x2. I blame myself.

The problem that I face now is my weight. In the past, when I have given up cigarettes, I pile on the weight. 10kgs (22lbs) can appear in 6 weeks. That’s a daunting prospect when you consider that I am currently 110kgs (240lbs+/-). My weight is among my worst enemies. I already use a walking stick, have done so for three years now; any additional weight will have an adverse affect on my mobility.

Let’s see what happens.

I sincerely hope that I will have a Sunday Travel Tales this week. I failed totally last week, even with the hope that I would do it Monday.