A vicious circle

Life is a vicious circle. It revolves, it repeats, and then just keeps revolving.

Take household chores.

Today, I decided to do the dishes that had accumulated since yesterday.


Done. *Pat on the back*

Then it was time for lunch. A simple affair, nothing fancy.

After lunch, the kitchen looked as though I had never touched it.

It always looks as though I had never touched it. The dishes seem to be in perpetual motion and gravitate under their own steam towards the kitchen sink.

It’s the same with the rest of the house. I sweep out. Then Lixo brings in a toy, a grasshopper or some such. By the time he’s finished, it looks as though a mini-tornado has struck.

I wonder, why do I bother?

Inspiration… always the next exit

So I go back to the PC, another vicious circle. Like today, I have posted on all blogs, this is the last one. I’ll wake up tomorrow morning… and I need to post again. I stare at the blank screen with my first coffee in my trembling hands waiting for inspiration to strike.

Usually I have no idea what the day’s blogging will bring. Some days are planned, like Maxine on Monday, Foul Bachelor Frog, Philosoraptor Phriday, Caturday, etc. But the other days are all play-it-by-ear.

Some posts are created by rolling through my stock of images saved as I troll through the net. Other posts are written from reading the news. Change the World Wednesday is dependent on what the challenge is as set on Reduce Footprints. Sometimes I get a bee in my bonnet about some issue and burst into print. Sometimes my post is about something I have dreamt. Sometimes something happens during the writing of a post that piques me and it becomes words.

So each morning it is a vicious circle, I start with coffee, a blank slate, it’s a new day.