Friday is the day of anticipation…

Two days of boundless joy, happiness, dancing and mayhem.

Then it’s back to Monday… Oh well, good things never last.

Bet you didn’t know that caffeine was a chemical

9:20am, I have blogged. This is my last post for the day and I have earned another coffee.

I have had several already today. I have been fired up since 4:45am and after yesterday’s little grizzle about the vicious circle, firing on all cylinders.

I know, 4:45am is for fools and roosters.

But when you get to sixty+ one needs to pee, sneeze, cough and poop at the strangest hours. I had the alarm set for 5;30 because of my class, so what was the point in going back to bed?

Finally, I went to be picked up for class, and my lift never arrived, so a quick phone call, cancel the class and back home for more coffee; oh, and feed the cat.

I looked at the dishes…

And off to the blogosphere. I am due to get another coffee, I will look at the dishes again.

Inspiration comes in a can

Just discovered, I have one more post to do. It’s a new series that I started last week on Things that Fizz & Stuff ‘Do they have beer in?’ Hmmm, need some inspiration.

Last week I posted about beer in Greenland, now I have to think of another unlikely place to find beer.


Yes, that’s it, Mongolia, Do they have beer in Mongloia?

See, canned inspiration works, you just need a spoonful.

Later, maybe.