Raw power

Well, after last Sunday and a very shaky start to the week, I am finally firing on all cylinders. It’s 4:50am and I’m on my first coffee for the day and I can finally fart with confidence.

Last night for dinner I had pizza. I ordered a ‘Maracanã’ half mushrooms and half ‘4 cheese’. Oh, a Maracanã is the next size after gigantic/giant (40cm). It’s the latest craze here in Rio, at 45cm, it’s more than a mouthful.  I managed a little more than a quarter of the beast. Not eating much since Sunday, my stomach had shrunk and I didn’t take that into account. Talk about eyes bigger than your belly.

My mind is like a sieve, several times over the last couple of days, something has crossed my mind making me think, now there’s something to add in a post, and that’s the last I saw of the idea.

The ideas must escape when I blow my nose. I am still doing a lot of that since the ‘flu. It really has been a bad couple of weeks.

I’ll go and get some more coffee and the day will look better and brighter as the house fills with the smell of freshly brewed coffee.


Later, perhaps.