Yes, I cancelled Thursday, it never happened. Hence there was not a lot of blogging done, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

See, big red stamp.

Class at 7am, finish at 8. Meeting in far off Barra da Tijuca and get pay was next on the agenda.

Arrived in time, no meeting…

“And, the pay???” I asked plaintively; fully prepared that Thursday was about to take a turn for the worse.

I had bills to pay, things to do, and I had to have my therapy at the supermarket.

It was a relief that an envelope was thrust into my hands some minutes later while I was having breakfast. You see the good thing about meetings is that they always served little crumbly rolls, some sweet and some savoury, and then there are things like ham and cheese sandwiches and fruit juice. Just because the meeting was cancelled, they had already bought the eats.

Full belly, full pocket (not too full), I left a happy camper.

This is not the Downtown Mall one, but you get the idea

Did a little bit of shopping, ENOS fruit salts, Milk of Magnesia (it would have been handy earlier in the week) and off to my favourite shop, Lidador

Lidador is a shop full of imported wines, whiskies, foodstuffs and delicacies.

Of course it’s expensive, but it’s one of the only places that I can get such delicacies as genuine Dijon mustard and English (as opposed to American) Lea & Perrin’s Worcestershire Sauce. Brazil is not big on these fineries of life.

I walk into the shop and almost swoon, the dreams, the fantasies… to live like a king, or a prince.

However, I’m not. I am the pauper in this story.

I do however have a hankering for the items above. I have the mustard at home, but have been out of Lea & Perrin’s for some months and my last visit to the shop was a case of sorry, out of that, which nearly resulted in a temper tantrum on the spot. Now the prospect of a 60+ year old throwing a kindergarten temper tantrum and rolling around on the floor of a posh establishment while security drag him across the floor to the door, just doesn’t bear thinking about… So I controlled myself. I elevated my nose above the horizontal, sniffed hoytily and strode out the door.

I am pleased to report, that this month they had replenished their stock. The manager added that he was afraid I’d be back. I am known there, and while I am not their most illustrious customer, we have had some decent chats. The R$11 price was cheaper than previously, so I got two bottles, you never know when they’ll run out again.

Next the bus home. It was too early in the day to consider my sushi lunch. Nicely timed, the right, but expensive, bus came by just as I arrived at the stop. R$12, airconditioned comfort, so you can imagined that I was not amused when I discovered that chewing gum had been left of the window frame and had glued the sleeve of my shirt.

Almost home, and the bus driver decided to take a shortcut that was not where I wanted to go. There followed some ‘loud discussion’, I won, the bus driver made a U-turn and got back on track and left me at the supermarket for the remainder of my therapy.

So with all that happening, you can understand why I cancelled the day.