what can one say? It’s Saturday.

Higgs Boson Event – Wikipedia

The world is in a mess. Heat wave in US, floods in UK and Russia, violent elections in Libya and messy ones in Mexico, Higgs Boson has been discovered and nobody really knows what that means, Syria is in a turmoil and shelling Lebanon, the US have determined that mermaids don’t exist, some famous person has separated from some other famous person, Israel is threatening to bomb Iran… again, the British are hot on Barclay’s  banking scandal and promising accountability, the Americans don’t know what accountability is and Stephen Hawking is having his brain read.

What does that all mean for you and me?

Today was sunny and we had a nice BBQ.

Complacency worries me.

I changed my coffee. I have always drunk Pilão, but recently the price went above R$7/500gm, so I resorted to one of my two secondary preferences, Bom Dia Extra Forte, and now that is approaching R$7, so last week I brought Pimpinela which is a brand drunk by many Brazilians, it was still below the R$6 mark, but the stuff is bloody horrible. Won’t be buying that again.

This post started out on Saturday, but Saturday has crept along and it is now Sunday. As predicted the weather changed overnight and it is raining, which is not good BBQ weather.

Lixo has just come in, soggy cat. He got caught in the downpour, and he expects me to stroke him until he gets dry. Happiness is NOT a wet pussy. He’s got the snots now and gone off for breakfast.

I haven’t really considered blogging yet, still on that first coffee waiting for inspiration to strike; it hasn’t struck yet.