…it appears that I have abandoned the world.

But it’s an illusion. I’m still here.

I plead temporary insanity.

The world has been full of doom and gloom this week, the Japanese Tepco company has been accused of disguising radiation readouts, G4S has made a thorough balls up of the Olympic security, Mitt Romney and his wife seem determined to remove themselves from the race (actually, that is good news), then of course there’s the shooting in Colorado by some deranged gunman, tragic, but I point out that while one deranged gunman went on a rampage, millions of others didn’t; so the issue is not guns, it’s people.

While all that has been happening, here on the home front, not much. Last two days have been sunny, not hot, but it has been a pleasant respite from the previous month of unrelenting cold.

Lunch today was a wonderful piece of rump steak seared on both sides after marinating in garlic, rock salt and soya sauce, then topped with molten blue vein cheese on top.

an hour later

Well, there was more, but I lost control of my mouse and lost the lot. Thank heavens for autosave. I am not disposed to try an recreate it.