Sillustani, Peru

Thirty odd kilometers north of Puno is Sillustani. You pass the turn off  going to Puno from Juliaca airport (Puno doesn’t have one).

Lake Umayo by David Baggins

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On the shores of Lake Umayo, up on the hill, there are an amazing collection of chullpas (tombs) representing three stages of the Inca civilisation. The tombs of the Incan royalty.

The older chullpas, less sophistacted

From the earlier era the structures are much less sophisticated. Here you see the entrance facing the rising sun in the east.

Compare with the famous Lagarta Chullpa.

The famous ‘Lagarta’ chullpa

This chullpa was struck by lightning some time in the past and it has exposed the inner structure; hence the appearance of being ‘half a chullpa.’

Temple of the Sun

The complex is not just about chullpas, there is also a temple to the sun, and a smaller one to the moon.

A strange plant

The flora in the area is also interesting. No idea what the plant is, looks like a birds nest with flowers…

Most tours to the area spend between an hour and two hours walking over the hill with a guide and visiting the museum. The museum has some interesting exhibits, but poorly displayed (at least the last time time I was there, 2001) maybe things have changed.

NB: The photo are mine, except the top one and the one below.

One nuevo sol, 2011