Yes, on a fast simmer. You see my stove, a donated gas affair, has only one heat, hot. One day I’ll buy myself a new one with more variation than just hot.

Lunch is not a fancy affair, it’s one of those look-in-the-fridge affairs. Scrag end of bacon, chopped into the pan; last piece of rump steak, diced into the pan; last grotty looking stock cube, into the pan; dregs of soya sauce bottle, up ended, into the pan; small jar of tomato extract, into the pan.  Simmer on a fast sim for ten minutes to reduce the liquid. Serve on a bed of parsley rice.

Lunch is served.

I’ll be back as soon as the inner man is satisfied.

Leave well enough alone

Mission accomplished. My light green T-shirt now has a bright red tomato dribble down the front; looks quite fashionable. People actually pay to have clothes marked like that.

I see in the news yesterday that Windows 8 could be another Vista. Vista is synonymous with disaster.Why, oh why couldn’t they leave XP alone? Still the best product that Microsoft ever made. I still run XP, alternatively with Linux.

Needed to fix XP

But, alas, the bastards at Microsoft are going to force me into Windows 7, because they won’t make a patch, bandaid, or whatever for XP to read the new IP system that is already out.

I had my TGIF moment earlier today, just as my students were leaving class at 8am.

I can see that I am going to have a dry-as-a-little-wooden-god moment soon. Lunch was quite savoury and passionfruit juice just isn’t doing it. Well, I mean it’s nice, but I can feel that it’s getting closer to beer o’clock.

The Olympics have started. I have waited four years to say “OMG, here we go again!” No news on the telly, just bloody Olympics. I’m afraid I’m a boring old fart, the Olympics just don’t impress me anymore. Maybe that’s because I’d jump for joy if someone bought me a bottle of whisky rather than jump over a gym horse; mind you I hated that at school too.

Corporate sponsorship

I mean, they Olympics are all about McDonald’s and Coca Cola, the sports are a minor attraction, sort of sideshow alley.

Disgusting, should be banned. I can see why the Muslims are upset about the logo, it does look like Zion is written there, but then the bankers are paying too I guess, so they have to be represented.

Had to laugh at the clowns for upsetting North Korea, of all the countries to stuff up the flag… Mind you, it also shows how thin-skinned the North Koreans are, no sense of humour; communist dictatorships and regimes ban a sense of humour, it’s non-productive.

It’s supposed to rain today. Looks like the weather forecasters have cocked it up again. Of all the professions, they would have to be the most unreliable. I guess they try, they’re not like lawyers who actually lie for a living; or doctor who tell you are sick when you aren’t really just so they can prescribe pills that they get a commission for.

That’s it for the moment.