This harmonious scene will be nothing like the tooth and claw mayhem that will reign here for 24 hours

Yes, I can. In about two hours, I am going to lose my PC.

I know this will happen because the kids are coming to stay. The next 24 hours will be spent umpiring and allotting time for each to have a fair share.

Me? I will be relegated to the kitchen, because growing kids need a certain calorific intake during that period.

I have that planned. Poached fish and parsley sauce on a bed of rice for lunch. Pizza for dinner,  breakfast will be a matter of serve yourself and lunch… I’m still working on that. Probably franks in homemade tomato sauce on spaghetti. There, that’s the menu sorted.

The chances of getting a full blogload done tomorrow remains remote. I’ve managed it today, this is the last blog to post on.

So for a Saturday it has been successful so far. The remains of the day, remain to be seen. If I can prevent blood being spilled, then I may consider that success.

I must admit that after four years since the separation and living on my own, I am not as used to kids as I used to be, and I get a bit frayed at times.

But that’s not their fault, life must go on. I only get to see them about once a month, but that is for financial reasons; I don’t have many students at the moment.

So I am forced to be somewhat frugal, and unfortunately for the kids, they are expensive. I have had to remind them that money does not grow on trees.

I’m off to read the news while I still can…



The wrong end, is the top end

NB: Just had a call from the ex… four are coming, not the three I was expecting. Now I have to think is that good or bad…


I’ve just discovered from Twitter that today, 28th, is National Hamburger Day and I’ve planned pizza for dinner. If anyone of you tweets this in Portuguese there will be hell to pay, I will personally see to it that your nose implodes, or your knees fall down around your ankles, or that you meet your fate with the wrong end of a pineapple.