Cuba Libre made with Montilla rum

At the moment I am looking at the world after my third Cuba Libre…

It’s looking good.

I don’t do this often, but it’s good to give the old engine an overhaul now and again.

I have just had a pleasant session at the kiosque, reopened, in front of the botequim as a soparia… They sell sopas e caldos (soups & stuff),

Tonight I had, not one, but two plates of Bobo de camarão (Shrimp soup). I would have had a third, but I’m on a diet, not; I just didn’t want to appear to be a pig.

It was delicious.

For this reason, we will be foregoing our Sunday Travel Tales. To create an STT I need a clear head.

The people in the neighbourhood think that I am somewhat stoic, and when I let my hair down (what’s left of it) they are surprised and realise that I am human after all.

And, that’s all part of the plot; I love to keep them guessing. I hate being predictable, that smacks of ‘normal.’

I tried being normal once, didn’t like it; so I became myself again.

Vagner Love

Flamengo lost to São Paulo, 4-1, which is not good. Enough, in fact, to make a grown man cry. While I am proud to be a Flamengista (Flamengo supporter), it is disheartening to see the recent results. The team has suffered immensely since the goalie Bruno was arrested for doing away with his pregnant girlfriend a couple of years ago, then another player, Adriano, was under suspicion of drugs connections, and another, Vagner Love, went overseas to play for Italy (I think) and the team has never recovered. Wagner has returned, but still the team is down in the dumps. They sacked the coach last week and got another, but I think that was a case of closing the stable door after the horse had bolted; because the new coach was sacked from International, a Rio Grande de Sul team, for the same reasons. Go figure.

The kids have been and gone. No blood was let, so I consider the visit successful.

I will now rest…