I’m not. Truly.

This I can do, but Linux is more difficult

But Linux has made a fool of me. I gave it a go, Nine months I have persevered with the vagaries of Linux, double clicks and all. Finally, yesterday I lost my sound. I spent the afternoon looking at how to restore my sound. Linux is just too complicated for an average Joe, even an intelligent one like me.

4pm yesterday

I fired up an old drive with Windows XP

I have thrown in the towel. I am, reluctantly, going back to Windows. Linux will never be serious competition until they make it user friendly and not a friggin’ jigsaw puzzle. It’s okay if you’re a Geek, but alas, a Geek I am not.

So, my blogging has been a bit thin on the ground yesterday and today, as I switch between one and the other HD. Later today, I need t find the driver for the sound card in my ‘new’ PC, the old HD never had the driver installed.

[Lunch Break]

Back. Well, that was nice; an inch thick pork loin chop,  with roast potatoes and gravy, accompanied by a chilled bottle of Eau de Tap.

I must away, and see if I can resolve the remaining problems, by applying my limited Geekery skills. At least when you install something, Windows does it.

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