He’s going to stick something like this in my mouth

6:45am :: Waiting for my student to pick me up for work. Didn’t arrive, didn’t answer phone, so I heeded the call of the coffee pot at home.

8am :: Off to the dentist, as planned. I had an appointment, I think to fit my partial plate. The plaster choppers had only arrived the previous afternoon and he hadn’t had time to make the partial plate. I heeded the call of the coffee pot at home.

8:50 :: Blogging & Coffee

10am :: Nap

11am :: Do dishes so that I have the space to make lunch.

Make lunch.

Slapdash Meatloaf

Comes out looking a bit like that

Open fridge, see what’s in there.

  • 500gms mince (½lb ground beef for our American cousins)
  • Peel & grate one potato
  • Peel & grate one carrot
  • Peel & grate one onion
  • Slice & chop one big tomato
  • Generous splash of soya sauce
  • Healthy squirt of garlic extract
  • Good sprinkle of parsley flakes
  • Big pinch of pepper
  • Bigger pinch of salt

Combine all of the above and make thicker with breadcrumbs. Roll into a loaf put in the oven for an hour.

See, cooking is easy. Don’t need a recipe, just do it!

12:00 :: News

1:15pm :: More news

2pm :: Re-nap (needed to finish the first one)

3pm :: Water garden, we’ve had no rain for three weeks. Before that we had too much rain for three weeks.

3:45pm :: going to shut down PC and change drives.