Stupid little socks

Yes, stupid. I have never seen them before I came to Brazil. Sockettes, they’re like normal socks, but only come to the ankle instead of comfortably up the leg a little. Stupid little, damned uncomfortable things.

Last time out shopping I got caught unawares, and didn’t realise until I had opened the pack that they were stupid little socks.

Caveat emptor… Let the buyer beware

I am of an age (rapidly approaching 61, 12 days to go) when I like ‘normal’. Yes, I know it’s difficult to define normal, but I mean, I like things as I have known them. I don’t like change. In this case, I like socks to be socks, not poncy little stupid socks. Am I asking too much?

All week, I have been stewing on this post. It was supposed to be Monday’s, then all of a sudden it was Tuesday. Then that disappeared, followed by Wednesday and Thursday. Yes, they just disappeared… into the abyss of time gone. Went!

Today, I have early lesson, then the dentist. After that, I should go and pay the rent, but that hasn’t been decided yet. It depends on whether I like the new geography of my buccal cavity being helped or hindered by a partial plate.

I should move along, things to do before I go. Things like put my pants on…