There, it’s official!

It’s Monday, stamped and sealed to prove it.

20 minutes later

Monday has officially started. My afternoon student just canceled.

Another slapdash lunch. I decided to defrost the fridge in preparation for my supermarket foray tomorrow. So what was in the fridge went into the pan. Big fish fillet, two smoked hamburger patties, two franks, a real bachelor lunch. Opened my customary bottle of Chateau de Tap to wash it all down.

Still getting used to my ‘new’ teeth. They do make eating more comfortable. Discovered the secret of getting them in; place roughly in the mouth and bite, they just slip into place. Getting them out is a little more detailed. Life is a learning circle.

Lixo has been busy. There’ a little girl kitty over the back fence and she’s in season. My big fat ginger tomcat has been crying like a baby  for the last two nights. Today, he is exhausted; must be very tiring making little kitties. He’s catnapped all morning

I think, I will have a nap too, but not for the same reasons… pity.

Everybody needs something to believe in, so, I believe I will have a nap.

That will compensate for being at the keyboard at 4am.  I have only one more post to write and that is on Fizz, I haven’t decided what I will write yet, I am waiting for inspiration to leap up and strike me.