The week has slid by, and I never even noticed. Didn’t even have time to say TGIF.

Whooooosh! It went.

Now it’s Saturday, I am four days shy of becoming 61. Quite looking forward to that. I have a BBQ planned at the botequim, it’s the rest of the year that bothers me.

It’s been an exciting week; we all had an unexpected glimpse of the Crown Jewels. Personally, I wasn’t impressed. His mother’s bling has much more sparkle. But it made for an exciting little interlude, one of those rare occasions when the press has the chance to make you forget about the things that really count.

Lixo has been sowing his wild oats all week. Now his little girlfriend is visiting him at home and wants ‘family support.’ He is not impressed; he even kicked her off my our his bed this morning. This morning she found his breakfast and he sat there watching her eat it, then looked up at me with a ‘WTF?’ expression on his furry face.

The entrance to Katsuo

I treated myself to sushi on Thursday at Katsuo.

The food was great, a good chance to try out the new gnashers; worked fine except for the lula empanad0 (battered squid ring), that was real crunchy.

I paid the bill and the waiter came and asked if I wanted anything else, another beer perhaps. I asked for a sonrisal (Brazilian alka seltzer), sem colarinho (no head).

It’s a pity that sushi is so expensive. If it were cheaper, I’d eat it once a week instead of once a month.

Still having our dry spell. Heard last night that Rio has never had such a warm winter, now tell me there aren’t climatic changes. Humidity today expected to be 30%, which is still good reason for beer o’clock later. Too early just now, I haven’t even thought about lunch yet.

Must away, blogging to be done. I’m more than halfway there.