Yes, despite a shower and several hours passing, I still smell like a BBQ. I tried my cheap deodorant and that just made me smell like a cheap BBQ. You can read about my cheap deodorant here, I made some surprising discoveries about it.

Early part of the BBQ

My birthday BBQ was a success, started at 3pm, finished cooking some pork ribs for the local kids at 10pm. I got home at 11.30, which is way past my normal bedtime. I drank lots of beer, smoked far too much, talked a lot and generally had a good time. I had a lot more meat than was needed, so much was left over that I may do it again on Friday.

I went to pay my bill at the bar and Reimundo charged me for the bag of charcoal; I asked about the beer, that was when he told me one of my students had picked up the tab. Sometimes, despite frustrations with them, I do really like my students.

My alarm went off at 5.30am, I wasn’t pleased. I didn’t really want to get up and go to work. My mind was fuzzy, not from the beer, but the lack of sleep. I had to force myself into action, whereas I normally spring nimbly stagger lamely, but willingly out of bed.

I had fish & chips for lunch and then it was nap time. I have not long woken, and now I have about a half hour before I am off to class again.

So, I will see if I can squeeze another post or two out.