My students just canceled. The weekend has begun.


Everybody knows that TGIF means Thank God It’s Friday, but does it?

Not for sharks it doesn’t.

Juniperus Procubens (Tuia Jacaré)

I have a bonsai tree.

I have never had a bonsai tree before.

I have contemplated being the owner of a bonsai tree, but never went further than thinking about it. Tonight at class my student showed me a bonsai tree.

So cute!

It’s now mine and is sitting in my lounge.

Now I have to learn to care, feed and prune my little pet.

I love plants, and while I am not an admirer of flowery plants, I love greenery. Maybe I am entering a new phase in life, who knows?

Now I have a whole day to do nothing. Well, that’s not entirely true. There’s always coffee to be drunk. I have had three mugs already, and I am about to have a fourth. Then, of course, there is blogging. Now most people think that blogging is nothing, so for them I am doing nothing today; but then there are those who think that blogging is generally making some kind of contribution, so for those people, I’ll be sweating my little cotton socks off. I should also consider the dishes, then lunch.

I have a ton of meat left from the BBQ on Wednesday, so seeing as I can’t refreeze it, it has to be used so I will have another BBQ at the botequim about beer o’clock.

Now I have a large ginger feline type creature clawing at my thighs, I am thankful I haven’t removed my jeans yet. Lixo is telling me it’s breakfast time… again. He’s already had his breakfast, but he’s also always ready for a second helping, he is after all a growing boy. His girlfriend has also been around looking for ‘family benefit’; I told her to bugger off and wait until she has a family, not just a belly of paws and claws.

Now, where’s that coffee I was talking about?

It won’t appear magically, I’ll have to go on an expedition to the darkest reaches of my kitchen and make it.