From an old backyard BBQ five years ago

I just love BBQs.

I had another one last night with the meat that was left over from Wednesday. I had bought far too much; sat the appointed hour of beer o’clock (4pm), I fired up the BBQ again.

This time I was watched by a small bevy of regulars. Normally when you light a BBQ there is a dearth of helpers, they seem to appear as if by magic when the meat is ready. But being a Friday, there were some around.

They chided me for not using easy firelighters nor alcohol in whatever form, pure, soaked in newspapers or old bread crusts, etc (every Brazilian has his favourite method) and of course they figured my way wouldn’t work. Because I just shred an old cardboard carton, heap some fine charcoal on that and set fire. Within minutes, the charcoal is hissing and sparkling, then I add bigger pieces of charcoal. They were amazed at how simple it was.

Erick at 10 learning the finer points from the master chef

I managed to recycle a cardboard carton, I didn’t have singed eyebrows, I hadn’t created a revisit to Hiroshima and within ten minutes, I had the first meat adding it’s fat to the fire.

Marinated rump steak, liver slices, sausages, chicken wings, a slap of pork, pork ribs and garlic bread were the order of the night until around 8:30. The rump steak was salted with rock salt and soya sauce, the chicken wings had a dusting of curry powder, the pork slab was covered with rosemary and garlic and the pork ribs had freshly cracked black peppercorns rubbed on them. So there was a good variety of meat and flavours.

August and September are the months of birthdays; ever wondered why?

Pre-Christmas equipment checks and Christmas – New Year promises fulfilled, so the world is full of Leos, Virgos and Libras. My family is no different here; we have birthdays on the 8th, 12th, 16th, 29th, then in Sept, 7th & 17th. So it’s a busy time of the year, also an expensive one. So it is with my neighbours, they have a birthday today, yet another BBQ; I have been invited. So no cooking needed today.

I have been busy at the keyboard. Posts already for tomorrow and one ready for Monday.

Just a special note here. I don’t often thank all my loyal followers and readers, but I do see all your likes and try to visit your blogs  with each one to see what news there. The commenters, the life-blood of the blogger, I try to reply to each one, sometimes a couple of days late, but I get there eventually. A BIG thank you to you all.

Must go an water the plants, hot day and they are wilting.