Nothing planned, nothing done… success

No, I didn’t.

It’s 4:25 and I have to go to class.

I don’t really want to go. I am still hopeful of that phone call canceling it.

Apart from blogging, I have done nothing today. Nothing has gone wrong. It is most atypical for a Monday.

I have been resting. BBQ on Wednesday, BBQ on Friday, neighbour’s BBQ on Saturday. I was plumb tuckered out.

Slapdash Lunch.

Step One: open fridge…

Half an onion, some pork trimmings leftover from the BBQ. Dice everything into the pan. Grate some fresh ginger from the garden, sprinkle some cracked black peppercorns leftover from the BBQ. Fry is all off. One small jar of tomato extract.



Now I’m here and about to go again.