Here I was crowing about yesterday and how nothing had gone wrong.

All the crap happened today!

First, I almost slept through the alarm.

Then, I got my teeth out of the glass that I had been keeping my cracked black peppercorn in. Boy did that make the first coffee taste weird…

Then, after four posts, the net went down. When it came back on, it was time to leave for work and I was still sitting in my underwear and socks. Panic! Jeans, shoes and it was only then I had discovered that I had put my underpants on backwards; too late to change now.

Flew out of the house, locked the gate. Unlocked the gate and flew back into the house, grabbed the envelope I was to deliver and flew back out of the house again.

A fast hobble to where my student normally picks me up for my lift to work. Gaze around hopefully, up the street, down the street. No student. Wait patiently. By this time it was too late. Ring student; no answer. Shrug shoulders and return home at a more leisurely pace. Discover that the ‘post-it’ note on the envelope had come off in the wind. It was an important message of sincere thanks, so back down the street, found it, stuck it back on under the flap.

At home and the safety of coffee, turned my underpants around. Have you any idea what it’s like walking down the street with your underpants on backwards? Let’s just use the adverb-adjective combination, really weird.

Comfortably reading the BBC news; and all goes dark. Power cut! Waited patiently for a few moments hoping it would come back on. Nope! Out onto the street. Reimundo the owner of the botequim was there. Only to be informed that the power would be out until 5pm… Aargghh! There was apparently supposed to be a note left in my letter box about this. Not, neither my other neighbour. They were doing a major maintenance and connecting the power to a new condominio (huge block of apartments) down the road.

So I faced the prospect of a day without power. No net, no PC, no TV, no light (it was dim and overcast and dark in the house). I began to have withdrawal symptoms; I tried more coffee, didn’t work. I began to shake and tremble, babando (dribbling); what could I do?

I changed the room around a little, to accommodate the printer that I had planned to set up today, I potted some plants, I did the dishes, I made more coffee and had bacon and eggs for breakfast… at lunch time.

I had a nap, woke up tired and listless, I went to the botequim, chatted with some of the locals and drank more coffee. I forgot to buy cigarettes. The power came on, first thing on was the PC. Went to the botequim to get my smokes while the beast powered up.

Reimundo gave me the wrong smokes, the ones that caused impotence, I asked for ones that gave me ordinary cancer.

Back home, emails, comments, and finally this post.

The world was back to normal.