No, it’s not because I am crazy.

Despite the fact that I put my teeth in the cracked peppercorn class on Monday night. That was just a bleary-eyed oversight because the two glasses were next to each other. Now one is on one side of the kitchen, far from the other. It won’t happen again.

After yesterday’s fiasco, who wouldn’t need therapy?

Lesson this morning, dentist, home, blog, nap, lunch. Three pieces of thinly sliced rump steak made into weinerschnitzel; and I’ve got another three for Friday.

Last class canceled. Great, I can get to therapy earlier.

Tomorrow, class at 7am, 8am bus to Barra da Tijuca.

Pay Day!

Probably two of these

Sushi for lunch!

Pay bills, buy a bottle of Lea & Perrin’s Worcestershire Sauce, buy Enos fruit salts.

Bus home.

Pay rent… 2 rents. My pay last month was Romneyfied… pathetic, so I could only pay half.

By the time I get home it will be beer o’clock.

So you probably won’t see me tomorrow.

Friday is a holiday, no classes, group therapy all day. 7th September is Brazil’s Independence Day.