No, not one of those serial types, although there are enough people in the world that would do justice to thoughts of such.

Rather, melancholy, like killing something with kindness.

Juniperus Procubens (Tuia Jacaré)

In a post a couple of weeks back I mentioned that I had become the proud owner of a bonsai, like the one on the right.

The instructions (it came as a kit) said to water twice daily, and I have, religiously.

But we are having a very dry spell at the moment with very low humidity.

Anyway, my little bonsai has developed three brown patches on its little branches, and I wonder if I am killing it with kindness, or the reverse, through neglect because of the low humidity.

Not a lot has happened worth mentioning, I have a new student, ergo more money.I am taking the kids out on their annual birthday bash tomorrow night with their mother. We do this yearly, because we all have birthdays between 8th Aug and 17th Sep, so I deal with it by having a pizza party at a local restaurant.

I can’t access Twitter, which narks me somewhat. Because I often use it as a source of posting ideas.

Later, I will write a Sunday Travel post, at least the idea is cogitating the grey matter, so you should be lucky.