After my cleaning lady goes on a Sunday morning, I spend the next couple of days wandering around the house muttering. Things in the wrong place, not done properly, or simply not done and each time I mutter “Silly bitch!” She really is. I need a new one, but I can’t find one, so until I do, I will stick to “silly bitch.”

Dead ant, dead ant, dead antdeadant, dead ant, dead aaaaaaaant….

My muttering isn’t limited to silly bitch, I find ants, usually in an unwashed cup, or a trail across the bench. I run the cup under water, or fiercely wipe up the column of ants, humming… “Dead ant, dead ant…” to the tune of the Pink Panther, try it, it’s catchy, you’ll curse me.

These are some of my small pleasures in life.

Monday has started. This is my fourth post for the day, so far nothing has gone amiss, but I do need more coffee.


In Brazil we have this custom of serving coffee accompanied with a glass of iced water. Seemed strange to me when I first came here twenty years ago, but now I like the idea and grab a bottle from the fridge for a healthy swig; no need of cups living alone.

English breakfast this morning. Four poached eggs and two franks on toast.

Good way to start the day. I’ll probably forgo lunch, because tonight is pizza night with the kids. Don’t want to spoil the appetite.

I do believe it’s time for my nap.