Hat trick… I’ve done this twice

I can’t think of a title at present. Mind not functioning correctly as I have just woken from a little doze.

At least today it is dozable, yesterday was far too hot without a beer within reach.

That eventually happened as my afternoon student did cancel as I had hoped. When he rang, I shouted “Hat trick!” when I answered the phone, then I had to explain what a hat trick was; that he’d cancelled three lessons in a row.

New R$20 note issued last month

So, it was a case of pass the brush over what’s left of my hair, grab a R$20 bill and off to the botequim next door. It’s surprising how it can suddenly become beer o’clock.

The official temperature for the city was 41.6°C, but here it was hotter, 44°C (110°F) and in one part of the city, a scorching 46° (116°F). The official humidity was a low 14%, that’s the lowest humidity I have experienced. No wonder I wanted beer.

The promised weather change came at 11pm with winds gusting up to 90kms/h in Copacabana, but a mere 60kms/h here.

The temperature at the moment is a comfortable 26°C (78°F) and rain has been threatening since morning, but as yet it hasn’t managed to wet the ground.

Finally decided on the title…

Blogging right along, I still have to think about a post on Shit Happens.