It’s soooo cold. I can’t hold fluids. I drink a cup of coffee and I have to pee twice. I have been peeing the last two days like water over Iguaçu Falls. It has been bitter, I have two T-shirts and long pants on trying to keep warm. I didn’t go to work yesterday, nor this morning, I am going to my evening class today, because it is a case of instant gratification; private student pays for each lesson at the lesson.

The south of Brazil has been hit with snow and many have had the house roofs destroyed by wind and hail; they showed hailstones the size of golf balls on TV last night, house roofs looked as though they had been peppered by a huge shotgun. Many crops were decimated as well, as this is the primary zone for cool-temperate farming, so we can expect higher prices.

Tuesday night we were hit by a cold front. After an extremely mild – hot winter (hottest and driest in 40 years) here in Rio de Janeiro, in fact most of Brazil has suffered with very low humidity extremes. Last week/weekend (I’m not sure of the day now) in my part of the city we had 14% humidity, some of the world’s deserts are more humid. Officially now we are in Spring, and the weather has decided to be winter. We went from a hot summer’s weekend (39/40°C) to winter temperatures (15/19°C) in the space of  24 hours.

Weird weather, unseasonable changes, extremes… Now tell me there is no such thing as global warming. I’m not apportioning the blame here, just saying it’s here.

My kitchen gas just ran out. Luckily, the water had boiled to make coffee, so it wasn’t quite the disaster it could have been. I was rather pleased, I had anticipated the gas would quit sometime in August, and here we are at the end of September; that’s five months from one gas bottle for all my oven heat. A bottle of gas costs about R$39 (currently that’s about USD2o).

I always buy a spare the month after I change the botijão. Most Brazilians don’t do that. Their gas runs out and they have to ring and wait for a delivery, usually about a half hour. Then there is the problem that most Brazilians don’t have money for that eventuality and have to wait for the next pay day.

All my intentions of getting a post out yesterday, failed. Today nearly failed as well.
I have just woken from my afternoon nap. It was not so much because I was tired, more a way of escaping the cold.

Coffee is nearly ready…

Ahhhh, that is so good. My ‘hangover’ (caffeine deficiency) is abating already.

“If You’ve Got a Pulse, You’ve Got a Purpose” I RTed that yesterday from @laicos360. I love it.

*Checks pulse*

Well, at least something is functioning correctly, even if it isn’t my bladder; there maybe hope yet.

Now I have to wonder as to what the purpose might be.

It’s something that we all wonder at times; even as just a fleeting thought. “Why am I here?”

The most unflattering answer is ‘procreation’ and no more, but there must be more to it than that. All species, plant and animal are here to propagate, but we humans are here for such a long time when compared to most, there must be a more compelling reason than just to propagate.

The only things that we have done collectively as humans that could remotely be considered successful is to screw up the planet and create a society that even Freud couldn’t explain; he put it down to poor toilet training. I wonder if he was right…

Time to get ready. I am about as reluctant to do that as I am capable of flying to the moon, but as I said, instant gratification is a draw card.