Pink Floyd also had a version

As the 1909 song goes.

Well, not quite.

This is a two candle power post, one candle in a wine bottle the other in a whisky bottle.

My light burnt out sometime today and has left me in the dark. Mind you, it’s not the first time in my life that I have been left in the dark.

The problem is that I need to borrow a step ladder to reach the fitting and change the bulb. So tomorrow will do.

Last week when I was at the supermarket, the day I bought the Australian wine, I forgot to mention that I also bought a loaf of wholemeal bread, which has become my habit lately. I was intrigued when I saw a loaf of Tipo Australiano (Australian style), so of course it joined the Australian wine in the shopping cart.

I won’t be buying it again, the Australians can keep it; I hope the wine is better.

For the past couple of years TIM, one of the cellphone operators have been using TV ads with blue men. I never thought much about them, other than they seemed reasonably talented.

Today on the afternoon variety show I discovered who they are; Blue Man Group, apparently quite famous and after seeing their performance on the variety show I can understand why.

For your edification…

The Drumbone