Yes, after yesterday, the candles are back on the wine rack, the new light bulb is installed, I have returned the stepladder and paid for yesterday’s beer. It’s been a busy morning.

Oh, I have also been blogging. Five posts so far and this makes six.

I forgot to tell you, last weekend I started a new blog project. One of the reasons I was not so active, the other was lethargy.

Blogger’s Cafe was one of my original blogs before Google got the snots and deleted everything.

It is a blog where you can find good blogs to read. The original had 1,000s of blogs listed. The new blog at present has four, but in time it will grow. Every now and then I see a blog that really has merit and I list it on the Cafe. Little by little I will restore what I had to it’s former glory. I’m taking a risk, because it is a Blogspot blog, and I run the risk of losing it again; I hope not. The reason I am using Blogspot, is that as a free platform it is more versatile than WordPress and I can use gadgets/widgets that WordPress free won’t allow. Only Library 1 is active at the moment, Library 2 hasn’t been created yet.

I am not doing reviews as I did on my original, but each blog will have an intro post on the front page.

Check it out.

I must get my sole fillets out of the freezer for lunch.

Later, you may get another Sunday Travel post.

Lucky day, the gas truck was outside the gate and I went to investigate. They had a promotion in gas price, saved R$5 on my next bottle of gas…