The reason for this image will become apparent

This is a saga.

I have just woken from a nap in which I dreamt that I had written a lovely post, only to find that there was not a word on the screen. I hate that; it has happened before.

This has not been a good week.

I’ve got this far and it’s time for a break… LOL

Wednesday was one of procrastination, but that was okay, I had the evening in front… or so I thought. The power went out about 8:57pm,  and didn’t come back on until later, about a half hour. By then, I had to catch up with my soap opera, then it was football. Brazil vs Argentina, but that fizzled too; the lights went out in the stadium and then the emergency generator caught fire. The game was eventually called off and I went to bed disgusted.

Thursday, nothing much happened. Including on the blogging front. I had decided that I need more exercise, so I set out to walk to my late afternoon lesson. It was further than I had walked for some years. It was on the walk that I saw the beastie. I had never seen a cockroach like this before, but I figured that it was a cockroach. I prefer my cockroaches on their backs twitching their little legs in the death throws. I am not terrified of them like some people, I just prefer them dead.

It took me an hour to walk to class, but I’m afraid that I over-did it; and duly suffered because of it. As I get older, I need to learn my limitations.

After a broken sleep, I canceled work. Going back to bed, I slept until 3pm. I was not a well puppy and sweating profusely. Blogging went totally by the board; unfortunately so did beer o’clock, but I did have an H2OH. It is a drink that I discovered when my stepdaughter had some at the pizza party a couple of weeks back.

Saturday an improvement and another bottle of H2OH, rather refreshing.

It was then I discovered it had aspartame in it. Aspartame is the poison that Coca Cola put in Zero Coke. It is so dangerous that there should be a worldwide ban on the stuff. Do a google on it, the stuff is pure poison.

By afternoon and something in the tummy, I started to feel better and began this post.

Now it is Sunday, and with luck, I’ll finish it.

Today is voting in the local body elections. In Rio we are lucky, the incumbent mayor will win hands down doing away with the necessity of another month of political propaganda until the second vote for the play off between the two top candidates.

Life will return to normal.

So there you have it, why I haven’t been around.