Still got some snivels, but beginning to fire on all cylinders.

We have had a week of high temps (35°C+), it seems like we have jumped right from winter to summer and not worried about the spring this year. Although, we are under dire threat of a weather change during the day. At the moment it is bright and sunny and a short walk to the shop for bread raised a sweat.

It’s like a Friday, my morning students cancelled, my afternoon student cancelled and I sit here with the prospect of posting on all blogs under the cool breeze of my fan.

Boa do Samba

Tomorrow is Friday, a holiday. Brazilians love their holidays. So what is the 12th October? Dia de São Cosme e Saõ Damião, or better known as Dia das crianças (Children’s Day). Kids roam the streets in search of sweets and small toys. Raimundo has organised AMBEV (The big South American bottling giant) to sponsor music in the praça from noon until 10pm, so it should be somewhat gala-like; and noisy.

The AMBEV van comes along, parks in front of the bar, they open the doors, extend the stage and away they go.

So there will be no peace tomorrow. I may even escape and dine out for a bit of peace and quiet, because the level of the music is such that I can’t even hear my TV.

The rest of the weekend should proceed pretty much like normal.