This time, not on toast.

Rather it was this stuff.

I found it in my local supermarket, surprise, surprise. It’s not exactly what one tends to find in one’s supermarket in this part of Rio.

It has been 12 years since I had this particular black sludge, so there was an immediate attraction. The first time I saw it, I restrained myself wonderfully. I waited to visit the other supermarket where drinks are usually cheaper; they didn’t have it.

I could resist temptation no longer. I m so weak. Into the shopping cart went a can. It’s R$18 (about USD10) a can, so I was able to limit my enthusiasm to one can.

I had the first glass straight; oh nectar from heaven. The rest I worked out a good ratio with Brahma and drank the rest as “Black ‘n Tans”.

Now there is another can in the fridge…

You see a good beer is rather like a woman’s breasts… you can’t just have one.

There are some things in life that you just can’t pass. Great beer, or in this case stout, is one of them.

The news is about to start, so this one is short. I am slowly getting things back to normal and should be posting a little more regularly.